S.No Therapeutic Category Actives, Benefits and Possible Claims
1 Oral care – breath freshening, Clinically tested, long lasting up to 4 hours -Onion, Garlic, Coffee
-Oral pH modifier
2 Oral care Xerostomia, Salivation
1. Salivation –treatment for Dry mouth patients
2. Sports chunk bubble gum with mineral supplement quench…pot salts, pot polyphosphate, B vitamins, salivation.
3 Pre Cold Metallic salts in ionic form + oral delivery for instant and longer time delivery with encapsulated blend of metal salts, Salivation, Anti-microbial activity
4 Energy – Stimulant Energy, Awake, salivating, taste. No sugar
5 Oral care – Teeth Whitening
Oral care: pH modifier for mucosa delivery actives in oral cavity
Long lasting pH , emulsification, and coarse particle rubbing

Instant and prolonged pH release
6 Energy – Immunity : vitamins B, D3 and others Energy and Immunity support