Modified Release Dosages (MRD)
  • • Uniformly sized and shaped microspheres
  • • Particle size can be controlled to meet delivery requirements
  • • Release profiles can be varied by applying ZSmartCoat or other polymers, Carbohydrates, and waxes; suitable for high drug loading
Z-Smart Coat
  • • Solvent or aqueous-based polymer coated formulation and process technologies
  • • ZSmartCoat barrier membrane retains structural integrity to modulate drug release profiles
  • • Coated dosage form designed to hydrate and float in aqueous environment
  • • Mini-tablets up to 7mm size (core or coated) featuring unique active-polymer matrix, contained within a single capsule
  • • Deliver plurality of release profiles and enable accurate dosing and stable blood levels of drug
Z-Sokor beads
  • • Beads that incorporate drug on the inside or outside
  • • Coated with drug layering and/or special polymers or blends to provide desired release profiles
  • • Compressed into tablets
  • • Erosion/diffusion controlled delivery form
  • • Consists of dispersed swellable hydrophilic drug substance and insoluble matrix of rigid, non-swellable hydrophilic materials
Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT)
Rapid Melt
  • • Incorporates pharmaceutical compounds processed using ZSeform microsphere technology or traditional taste masking techniques
  • • Suitable for high drug loading
  • • Single layer, two layer, or tablet inside tablet
  • • Quick dissolving tablets, broad range of actives, ability to taste mask
  • • Dissolve in 8-25 seconds in the mouth, without water
  • • Low friability
Chew Melters
  • • Chew-melts is a soft flexible dosage form
  • • Applicable to broad range of small and large dose actives including liquids
  • • Protects encapsulated beads or granules
  • • Soft bite with quick melt and liquifies into liquid
  • • Non-staling and good stable form
Flash-Melt beads
  • • Small moisture free beads suitable for high drug loading;
  • • Solid emulsion melt system with quickmelt characteristics in saliva (less than 5 seconds)
  • • Suitable for moisture sensitive and thermo labile products, broad range of actives and combination of actives
  • • Ability to taste mask
Microspheres & Microencapsulation
ZSE-Spheres/ ZSOR-Caps/ ZSO-Coat/ Z-Smart Coat
  • • Processes include special congealing, spray systems, fluidization (i.e. polymer coating, top spray coating, aqueous coating), complexation, and others.