Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT)

  • • ODT exterior picture and cross-sectional SEM shows contained coated Ze-form microspheres
  • • Specialty Coated microspheres resist fracture, provide good organoleptic properties, and offer advanced delivery options such as modified release

Taste Isolation Coating for Immediate Release Microspheres

  • • Coating initially limits drug release in oral cavity to prevent taste breakthrough
  • • Coating then hydrates fully in GIT, allowing rapid drug release and bioequivalence to reference product

ODT Technology Platforms


  • • Incorporates pharmaceutical compounds processed using Ze-form microsphere technology or using traditional taste-masking techniques.
  • • Can incorporate large doses of drug
  • • Can be manufactured and blister packaged on standard processing equipment.



  • • Unique system containing small beads, no moisture, and can handle larger dose drugs
  • • Solid emulsion melt system in beads form with quick-melt (less than 5 seconds), salivating and smooth texture dosage
  • • Good for moisture sensitive and thermo labile products, Broad range of actives, Combination of Actives, Control release products, Taste masked actives
    • • Chew-melts is a soft flexible dosage form
    • • Applicable to broad range of small and large dose actives including liquids
    • • Protects encapsulated beads or granules
    • • Soft bite with quick melt and liquifies into liquid
    • • Non-staling and good stable form